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4g cameras - watch from anywhere in the world

With 4G video surveillance, you can watch your property over long distances using the new technology of mobile Internet. For data transmission, WCDMA wireless communication is used, which allows continuous online broadcasting of high-resolution video.

Cooperative garage monitoring or a security system in a country house are now placed on a laptop or smartphone. InterVision 4G cameras are the perfect combination of features and price. The technology is available even to summer residents, and the child will be able to cope with the management.

4G surveillance

Professionals recommend

  • Easy installation. Installing a 4G camera will not take more than an hour. It is enough to attach the console structure (usually included), hang up and connect the camera to the power supply. After installing the SIM card, the system will automatically synchronize, and you will have full access to monitoring.
  • Convenience of operation. Wireless video surveillance is practically maintenance-free (only pay for mobile Internet), and the entire operation process is reduced to remote control through special applications.
  • High quality video. 4G cameras are equipped with modern optics and artificial shape recognition. With such video surveillance, you get a clear picture 24 hours a day (IR illumination up to 50 meters for night surveillance and video in Full HD resolution).
  • Smart camera. InterVision produces cameras with a wide range of functions, including terrain crossing, perimeter control and face detection. Technologies are also used to improve viewing angles and focus. You will not miss anything on your site.
  • Cheaper. The latest models of 4G and 5G cameras cost more than 150 cu, but even at this price per point, the entire video surveillance system will cost 20-30% cheaper. No need to lay trunk cables or signal amplifiers.

4g camera: sees everything and everything can

4G video surveillance is considered a universal system and can be used both for standard security conditions and in everyday life. Such cameras are equipped with modern processors such as ClarkDale i30AI for fast processing and recording of video (recording speed 25 fps). High-quality optics provides continuous shooting in any conditions, both day and night with a viewing angle of up to 110о and good focal length (3.6 mm, F:1.8).

4G camera

Some 4G cameras (model 4G-5SD from interVision) are equipped with a Wi-Fi router, which makes it possible to connect several viewpoints into an entire system (4-5 pieces). In addition, the installation of an external microphone will allow you to record surrounding sounds in a radius of 10-20 meters. Most often, such equipment is installed on the streets, so camera housings have a protection level according to the IP66 standard and operate in extreme temperature conditions ( from +40о to – 45о).

InterVision 4G cameras have everything you need for remote monitoring - wide functionality, high-quality and high-speed video broadcasting. Wireless video surveillance is the best solution for low-cost security systems and the best option for private and domestic needs.