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Wi-Fi video surveillance - the security of the future today

We all think about the safety of valuables. The entrepreneur puts video surveillance to stop the theft and neglect of subordinates, and a private consumer wants to protect property from encroachment and theft. The tasks are different, but the solution is one, and today 9 out of 10 choose wi-fi video surveillance.

Wi-Fi technologies can reduce the cost of arranging perimeter surveillance by up to 50%, and in return you get high-quality digital cameras with great visibility and face recognition. InterVision kits are some of the best in price and configuration, in particular the best-selling model WIFIKIT-2M800-8C with a radius signal actions up to 600 meters and a set of 8 cameras.

wi-fi video surveillance


VIP security and total control

Surveillance cameras over Wi-Fi connection at three main points bypass competitors:

  1. Efficiency. Wi-Fi cameras have the same specifications as analog models with fiber optic or twisted pair. Clear and continuous transmission of high-resolution images through a wireless communication channel that can be hidden and encoded.
  2. Price. Buying and laying a cable network will cost from 0.5-1 y. e. per meter. On large areas, the total cable coverage is hundreds of meters, which is the price for a ready-made wi-fi video surveillance kit , so the cost of wireless video surveillance will be 30-50% cheaper.
  3. Operation. Dozens of settings and synchronization with smart home systems, multi-channel connection, remote control and monitoring, no maintenance and repair hassles (anti-vandal housings, a large spare parts market) - all this determines the exceptional the comfort of using wireless surveillance systems.

The advanced models of Wi-Fi cameras are equipped with AI-detection of people and faces, which allows you to create security systems at objects with active movement. Such technologies are ideally suited both for commercial purposes (office, production, warehouses), and for private needs (apartments, garages and summer residences).

Features of smart technologies

There are two ways to buy Wi-Fi video surveillance : choose a ready-made kit or assemble the system from separate devices. For most cases with apartments and private estates, turnkey solutions, are suitable, such as WIFIKIT-2M800-8C . The difference between most sets is only in the number of cameras.


The surveillance kit includes cameras (usually from 2 to 8) with a ceiling or bracket mount, NVR - a signal receiving and recording station, as well as power supplies for cameras and manipulators (mouse). Wi-Fi cameras have a sturdy stainless steel housing. Inside the sealed enclosure is located optics capable of shooting with a resolution of up to 5 megapixels. It also comes with outdoor lighting for effective night-time photography.

The recorder connects via ports (type and quantity depends on the NVR model) to external devices (PC, laptop, monitors and other manipulators) and can store a drive up to 10 TB with the ability to connect USB flash cards. Synchronization with cameras occurs through plug-in power supplies, the signal from which the NVR picks up automatically after turning on.

The presence of additional channels on the recorder allows you to connect wired IP cameras to a Wi-Fi network.

Expand and upgrade your security system the way you want. Also, the cameras themselves can be connected both wirelessly and through RJ45.


A security system based on Wi-Fi video surveillance is capable of almost everything, from face recognition to control over the perimeter, including:

  • Remote control from a mobile or laptop.
  • Human detection and face recognition.
  • Intersection of lines.
  • Automatic control (observation of the area with a viewing angle of 88 o ).
  • Backlight function up to 30 m.

the wi-fi surveillance function

The main advantage of such wireless video surveillance is that the signal from the cameras to the recorder passes through concrete walls 40 cm thick, and this is especially true for LCD areas (observation in elevators) and industry (workshops with equipment and external interference).

Recommendations when buying wi-fi video surveillance

Even if the Wi-Fi video surveillance system seems to you to be a simple and intuitive device, we DO NOT recommend buying and installing it yourself. In order to 100% correctly organize the surveillance zone, you will need to purchase a number of auxiliary devices, including:

  • Monitors , for stationary monitoring.
  • Extra spotlights in dimly lit areas.
  • Fasteners ( enclosures and brackets ), including lightning protection.
  • Instruments for telemetry and processing ( DVR-DVR ), as well as a bunch of adapters for connecting control devices.

First you need to inspect the perimeter and correctly set the points for mounting the cameras (select the type of camera) in order to capture more area with the minimum amount of equipment with the same viewing quality. Technical characteristics of the equipment must be selected individually (recording resolution, signal range, data storage volume).

If you need an effective, inexpensive and easy-to-use video surveillance system, then Wi-Fi cameras are guaranteed to meet all your expectations. These technologies are suitable for any request and wallet.