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GSM-alarm EXPRESS GSM ULTRA 3G standard with battery power, contacting the owner (using your pre-recorded message), as well as sending a text message (when working in active mode). When triggered, this signaling device contacts the owners (up to 3 people) with a call to the programmed phones, and then sends them text messages (unless the phone owner has dropped the incoming call); the owner of the phone while pressing the keys # or * on his phone; or the whole operation is performed using the remote control. This model is the latest development of INTERVISION and currently has functionality based on the use of 3G technology (most alarm systems still work only in older 2G networks); Nevertheless, in this model, compatibility with the 2G standard is preserved, which makes the situation in which you could lose a network signal during future work (more detailed information is given at the bottom of this page). The device includes a built-in siren with an acoustic power of 130 decibels (which can be turned off); it is also optionally possible to add additional wireless sensors and sirens to the system. Considering the power supply of the detector is provided by 3 standard AA batteries, the detector can be used in various places; A few examples are given below:

  • In hangars and garages.
  • In the workshops.
  • In the offices.
  • In beach houses.
  • In residential caravans and stationary houses.
  • On boats.
  • In the stables.
  • In newly built houses and houses after major repairs.
  • In country houses.
  • In the apartments.
  • In remote buildings.

Programming an alarm is a very simple process; It is also very simple to carry out procedures for setting the alarm and removing from the alarm using the remote control unit (from a distance of up to 50 meters).

Communication with the signaling device is carried out using the networks of mobile telephone operators using a standard size SIM card (not a micro SIM card) (when working with a prepaid or contract form of service). When activated, the device makes contact with the owners (up to three persons) by phone (using your pre-recorded message), and also sends an SMS text message when it is triggered. The function of sending text messages (which can be turned off) provides sending messages after the signaling device has made 3 attempts to contact all owners of the programmed phones.

Receive a call:
When making a call signal to the owners, you can do the following:

  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and do not take any action (the signaling device will communicate with other owners).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press the # key on the phone (as a result of this action, a device with an infrared passive sensor will be disarmed and will not make further attempts to contact other owners).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press * on the phone (as a result of this action, the siren will be turned off, the device will not make further attempts to contact other owners, however, the device with an infrared passive sensor will continue to be in full-function security mode (ready for subsequent activation)).

The siren has an acoustic power of 130 decibels; Users who wish to keep the alarm in silent mode can turn off the siren. Even if the siren is turned off, the detector will still activate any other devices with an infrared passive sensor or sirens that are connected to the same wireless network; this allows you to activate as many sirens as you want, without drawing attention to a device like EXPRESS GSM ULTRA. Sirens are designed to activate after 30 seconds from the moment of operation of the device with an infrared passive sensor; this creates the effect of double exposure to the consciousness of an illegally intruder.

Additional detectors:
You can connect other detectors and sirens to EXPRESS GSM ULTRA, which will ensure a high degree of versatility of the alarm system; these detectors and sirens can be located in the same or in a completely different building at a distance of up to 70 meters from each other. Options include the ability to use:

  • Battery powered internal wireless siren (ULTRA SIREN).
  • An external wireless siren powered by a solar panel or battery (SUN SIREN).
  • Signaling devices with infrared passive detectors powered by batteries (PIR-360).
  • Wireless magnetic door contacts (without siren) (DW CONTACT).
  • Additional signaling devices of the EXPRESS GSM ULTRA type with battery power (without inserting a SIM card).
  • Additional signaling devices of type EXPRESS GSM ULTRA powered by AC power (without inserting a SIM card).

The alarm is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included in the package); Typically, battery life is:

  • When arming the device and disarming it once during the day: 12 months.
  • When the device is armed and disarmed once during the day, as well as when the device is activated once during the day: 4-6 months.

You can install AA-type lithium batteries in the device, the service life of which exceeds the service life of Duracell alkaline batteries by 4-6 times. In this case, the battery life will increase 4-6 times, respectively. In addition, such batteries work much better at low temperatures. You can also add an additional 5 volt power supply to the system (for places where access to the power supply network is available from time to time; at the same time, you can insert batteries into the device that will supply power to the device at a time when the power supply voltage is will be absent).

The alarm system is activated 30 seconds after the start (which provides ample time to exit the building and lock the doors); in addition, the alarm system is activated with a delay of 5 seconds (as a rule, the system is disarmed from the outside of the building before entering the room). A device with infrared passive detectors is characterized by a range of 10 meters; The viewing angle of the device is 120 degrees in the horizontal plane and 90 degrees in the vertical.

The device programming procedure is very simple; this uses the built-in keyboard located inside the device with an infrared passive sensor (please see the attached video clips).

In the design of this alarm system, we used the latest T2 ULTRA technology, as well as the latest 3G mobile technology.

Low battery:
In the event of a low battery, the warning device will send you the corresponding SMS text message (this function can be disabled).

Arming and disarming:
The system security function is activated using the remote control unit (supplied) from a distance of 50 meters; Up to 9 additional remote control units can be added to the system (REMOTE CONTROL). The alarm system offered to you is characterized by high efficiency and can be used in many places; at the same time, its cost is absolutely low. What are the advantages of 3G EXPRESS GSM ULTRA compared to the standard EXPRESS GSM system? The standard EXPRESS GSM system (which works in networks of the earlier 2G standard) works without any complaints in most countries of Europe and in the United Kingdom, and, quite possibly, will continue to work for many more years. However, it is no secret that mobile network operators provide more and more services in 3G and 4G standards, as it is these standards that allow the transfer of data (related to the provision of Internet services based on the use of smartphones and tablets), which provide the greatest profit for operators. There are well-founded fears that such a concentration of services in the field of 3G and 4G standards by most operators may sometimes adversely affect the operation of the current 2G network; for example, if there were problems in the operation of the 2G transmission mast, then eliminating them is not a priority for the operating organization, which, instead, concentrates all its efforts on ensuring the smooth operation of a network of a higher standard - in the end, this leads to a temporary ( or permanent) loss of 2G network functionality in areas located in the service area of ​​a particular mast. A device like 3G EXPRESS GSM ULTRA is also compatible with 2G network parameters, therefore, the risk that the signaling device will not be able to notify the key owners in the future due to network problems is reduced; Your additional investment pays off by ensuring greater reliability of the device. The indicated signaling devices of the EXPRESS GSM ULTRA type are specially designed for easy and quick installation (ideal for use in DIY kits); we have created a sales consulting service, where in the mode of telephone communication our experts will help you choose the most suitable system for your purposes; in addition, we have a technical support service where you can contact by phone after you have purchased our product.