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Video recorder AiStation-16: body and soul of the surveillance system

Do you think it is possible to create an intelligent and inexpensive video surveillance system for home, commerce or security, for example, within $ 500? You can't even buy an intelligent camera in such a budget, you might say, but we have an offer.

  1. The video recorder from InterVision NVR AiStation-16 is equipped with advanced intelligent functions and a powerful processor that is capable of processing recording from 16 cameras simultaneously and displaying a clear high-resolution picture in «live» mode.
  2. The technical characteristics of the device are more than enough to create an effective video surveillance system at a summer cottage, in a supermarket and even for a large warehouse area. It is important that the price of the DVR is within 100 usd.
  3. The most affordable offer on the Ukrainian market, suitable both for simple tasks and for professional security activities with the ability to install various modifications or software.

And in order to fundamentally change your attitude towards the choice, we will tell you in more detail why AiStation-16 — it is one of the best NVRs in its price range.

What is NVR

NVR models — These are NVRs designed for connection with IP video cameras only. This means that the device is equipped with technologies for receiving and processing digital information. It goes something like this:

  • The recorder receives and converts the signal from the video camera into a human-readable picture.
  • Images are compressed, encoded.
  • The codec saves data to a digital medium (hard drive or flash card).
  • Processed frames are transferred to remote access, can be displayed on monitors.

In other words, the DVR serves as an important processing point between the camera and the end user. The quality of this device will determine not only the clarity of the final picture, but also the capabilities of the video surveillance system as a whole.

The AiStation-16 meets all consumer needs:

  • Sets the recording mode suitable for you. This can be a schedule, regularly or after motion is detected.
  • Searches footage by date and event.
  • Switching images between all connected cameras in random order.
  • Full control over the recording and management process (start, pause, stop, rewind).
  • Scale individual areas in the captured video.


NVR AiStation-16 — unbiased assessment

Before we move on to the technical capabilities of the AiStation-16 video recorder, let's note an important detail.

This model, as well as other InterVision products, uses components from leading manufacturers. Similar parts are installed in their equipment by Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview and other sharks from the world of video surveillance systems. This determines the level of reliability of the AiStation-16 video recorder and its great technological potential.

First impressions

Durable composite material, high-quality assembly without backlash and squeaks, compactness. At the first contact, there is no feeling that this is cheap China. Even in the direction of a strict design with a minimal exterior, there are no complaints. The video recorder will harmoniously fit into any conditions (there is a choice of colors), whether it is a country house or dusty production (protection from dust, moisture, resistance to low and high temperatures).

Abilities are impressive

The AiStation-16 recorder is capable of simultaneously working through 16 channels at a recording speed of up to 5 Mb/s. All kinds of recording modes make it possible to customize video surveillance individually for your requirements. For example, turning on recording on signal, only at night or in the morning — the trigger can start the system however you want.

This model also has an audio processing function for which the HI3536 processor is responsible. Sound transmission is carried out through the HDMI port. Intelligent features such as visitor detection and counting, focus and cross lines are also available.

Connect and sync

Those who prefer video cameras from Hikvision and Dahu can rest assured — AiStation-16 video recorder is synchronized with any IP-camera from this model range. The basic connection interface RJ-45, Ethernet guarantees fast and uninterrupted data transmission, regardless of the cable laying conditions.

AiStation-16 automatically synchronizes and adjusts to the network. Remote access via special software AiVMS, AiCloud and all popular transmission protocols (ONVIF, Cloud, TCP / IP, DHCP, RTSP, SMTP, PMS, DNS, DDNS, GB28181, SIP) to create truly intelligent video surveillance systems.

And the cherry on the cake

Optionally, you can install an HDD via a SATA port up to 20 TB in size, and this is a lot of recorded information — enough for any security systems. An additional cooler (optional) will prevent the system from overheating, especially in 16-channel operation. The manufacturer also offers to optionally supplement the DVR with a board for 8 PoE ports, which will allow you to connect the device to video surveillance of any configuration.

If you have any questions or you still doubt that NVR AiStation-16 is the right option for you, call +38 (098) 878-46-95. We will help you choose the components and offer the best price on the market.