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PV-Link PV-351R is designed to receive a signal via a UTP cable (balanced line), which is less susceptible to interference and introduces less distortion into the signal. This allows you to transmit a signal over long distances without loss of clarity, color reproduction and resolution, which is impossible to achieve when transmitting via coaxial cable. Using the controls, you can adapt the signal transmission to the line length. To use the receiver, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) CAT5 or higher is recommended. The maximum distance for video transmission is 2000 meters. The video data obtained using the PV-351R has excellent image quality and undistorted signal parameters. Features of the model: adjusting the video signal gain to compensate for image quality losses when transmitting it over long distances. High signal transmission quality. Maximum distance for transmitting a color signal - 2000 meters. Built-in lightning protection system.

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