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Uninterruptible power supply unit, stabilized. 12V / 4A. Adjustable output voltage 12-14V. Input network 170-260V. Place under the battery 7 a / h. LED indication. Plastic case. Size: 310x185x80 mm.

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Constant output voltage (adjustable): 12-14 V
Rated load current: 4 A
Battery charge current, stabilized: 0.35-0.50 A
Maximum load current (5sec): no more than 4.2 A
Input network: 170-260 V
The voltage on the battery at which the Battery indicator goes off: 11-11.5 V
Battery voltage at which the load is automatically disconnected: 10.5-11 V
PROTO Indication: none
LED Indication: 3 LED diodes
Output voltage adjustment: 12-14 V
Battery compartment: 7 a/h
Number of channels: 1
Dimensions: 310x185x80 mm
Package Contents: UPS, cable set
Input/output stabilization: yes
Manufacturer: interVision Electronics
Packaging: Polyethylene