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interVision AiCam is an integrated IP-based video surveillance platform that provides easy start-up and system configuration based on the Plug & Play principle. A wide selection of equipment for systems of different levels, significant savings in time and money when deploying the system, as well as a single management interface for daily work. InterVision AiCam IP cameras are a balanced lineup, the most modern design and advanced technologies for forming high-quality images. The AiCam series includes indoor and outdoor modifications of IP video cameras in various body designs with a resolution of 5, 8 and 12 megapixels. A single interface to work with the interVision AiCam system.
Management from the menu of the DVR, from the PC through the VMS software package or via the web interface, as well as using applications for mobile devices. VCA Specification: Deep Learning for Face Recognition and Comparison. Sound detection. Accounting for visitors. Accounting for cars. Access control. Control of foreign objects. Intersection of lines. Control the absence of objects or their appearance. Definition of pedestrians. Face recognition and comparison. Black and white lists. Base of persons. Definition of man. Constant monitoring without human intervention.
AiCam cameras with built-in video analytics have built-in Adaptive Infrared IR Illumination ASL. Adaptive SmartLight - the ability to automatically switch video surveillance modes in poor lighting conditions or when its level changes, automatic assessment and compensation of changes in scene brightness. In other words - infrared illumination and the transition of the video camera to b/w mode occurs when the artificial intelligence of the video camera sensor understands and determines that it is already dark time of the day and the camera sees little in color mode, and the light sensor on the IR illumination will confirm this. As a result, two-factor authentication of the transition of the video camera to the b/w mode occurs. The IR illumination of AiCam cameras is produced using the patented FLEX-IR technology. FLEX-IR - the backlight has more powerful light-emitting elements - up to 1300 mW, which will significantly increase the operating distance of such a backlight - up to 300 meters, which is enough for objects of completely different purposes. The important thing is that the coefficient of photoelectric conversion is several times higher than in traditional backlighting. The cameras are equipped with a specially designed "Trizub" glazing system. All video cameras AiCam, TireX, ASTRA are developed and designed in Ukraine, are produced and assembled only in Ukraine.

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