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The effectiveness of using a video surveillance system primarily depends on the specifics of the monitoring object and the tasks that are set for the security system. At objects with high requirements for the preservation and reliability of property, a video surveillance system is recommended to be used as a backup to the security alarm system - this will ensure the safety and availability of video data even in the event of failure or theft of security equipment. Video surveillance demonstrates the highest efficiency when using unprepared events in public places for recording, when it is important to keep a record from interested parties. In the corporate segment, it is advisable to use video surveillance systems at the following facilities: real estate and residential complexes, construction sites; retail facilities, hotels, restaurants; Offices and office buildings, parking lots and storage facilities; educational institutions and kindergartens; Wellness and treatment centers; various municipal institutions; banks and financial institutions; sports complexes and fitness centers. In the private segment, the following may be monitored: domestic staff - maids, maids, nannies, or cooks; children and elderly relatives; real estate - apartments, country houses and cottages; Personal car. The effectiveness of cloud video surveillance is ensured by the following characteristics: simple and easy (Plug & Play mode) installation and operation; access to live video and to the 24x7 archive from anywhere in the world - in a Web browser or from a mobile device with an Internet connection; lack of capital costs for the purchase of servers, data warehousing, software and updates; logical and physical security. In this section you can choose a video surveillance kit.

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