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The 4G camera and 5G camera is built on the basis of a camera module with Clarkdale i30AI, Clarkdale i50AI processors and the latest generation matrices from SONY and SmartSens, a WiFi / microSD module and a specialized 4G router module. All cameras have 3 antennas, 2 antennas for 4G / LTE communication and 1 antenna (internal) for WiFI settings and Internet distribution. The Ethernet cable of the camera is connected to the camera module, and via WiFi, the camera through the router is connected to the Internet and is registered on the cloud server http://xmeye.net. You can install a memory card up to 64 GB to view the archive. You can use WiFi cameras to access the Internet from mobile devices. The type of video signal transmission on our cameras is Wi-Fi / WCDMA / HSPA + / EDGE / 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE. H.265 + / H.265 / H.264- compression can be selected. All sensors have a resolution of 2 megapixels to 5 megapixels. Lenses with aperture F0.9 to F1.8 are only made of glass. With IR illumination of 30 meters or without it with a color image at night. The viewing angle of almost all cameras is 87 degrees. A solar panel 120W, Li-ion battery 60A can be connected to the camera without IR illumination, which is suitable for the climatic conditions of Ukraine for year-round autonomous operation. Also our video cameras can work with HIKVISION information processing devices. Smartphone applications we use “Xmeye” - it is stable and has rich functionality. Another important point. In Kyiv InterVision 4G video cameras, the Kyivstar operator’s SIM card with the Unlim Video tariff is already pre-installed. This means that the first month you receive all video broadcasts from our cameras for free, for all subsequent months you will need to pay a Kyivstar operator a monthly fee of 150 UAH. This package is included in the price of the camcorder. All that the buyer will need to do after purchasing our 4G camcorder is to connect a 12 volt power supply.

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