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STABILIZED ✅ uninterrupted power supply unit 12v (3a, 5a, 10a, 20a, 30a). Provide a STABILIZED DC output voltage. Such a power supply unit contains a network transformer, a rectifier and a stabilizer. STABILIZED - means that the output voltage does not depend (or almost does not depend) on changes in the mains voltage (within reasonable limits) and on changes in the load current. Unlike unstabilized power supplies in stabilized ones, the output voltage will be the same both at idle and at rated load. In addition, in such power supplies, the ripple of the AC voltage at the output is usually quite small.

A stabilized power supply can almost always replace an unstabilized one (but certainly not vice versa). Therefore, if you do not know which DC power supply is needed for your security system - stabilized or unstabilized, then use a STABILIZED power supply.

UNSTABILIZED uninterruptible power supplies are the most common transformer and switching power supplies. Provide DC output voltage. Such a power supply includes a mains transformer and a rectifier. In unstabilized power supplies, the output voltage corresponds to the rated voltage only at the rated mains voltage (220V) and the rated load current. With unstable mains voltage (240V-280V), such power supplies can produce 15-23V, which is very dangerous for all 12v devices. These units are only suitable for powering lighting and heating devices, electric motors and any devices with a built-in voltage regulator (for example, most cordless phones and answering machines). Such power supplies usually have a significant level of ripple in the mains voltage and are NOT SUITABLE for powering alarm systems and video surveillance systems. Stabilized power supplies should be used for these devices.

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