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Ultra HELP is a GSM standard panic button with a small size, which can be put in a pocket, bag or hang around the neck. When a button is pressed, an alarm signal is transmitted via the GSM network to the programmed telephones and the security company console. All remotes of security companies and monitoring stations of the Security Police support an alarm call from any Dial-UP and GSM devices. GSM panic button can be used at currency exchange points, at bank cash desks, pawnshops, for children, for elderly people and in general, for emergency connection via cellular communication channel with our loved ones, relatives and dear ones. Actually, for this we have been developing it for several years. Now you do not need an expensive system of an emergency button with a frequency of 433 MHz and a GSM dialer, the whole system includes an alarm button ULTRA HELP! Due to this, it becomes possible to efficiently and simply send alarm signal to another subscriber or security company or security police. In an emergency it is very difficult to dial the desired phone number or just 102, for this you still need, first of all, to unlock the phone, and this is a precious and lost time. ULTRA HELP solves all these problems. We hope that our development will help you solve those problems that were unsolvable up to this point. Of course, as you thought, we developed it for our grandfathers and grandmothers, but it turns out that this panic button has a wider application.

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Working frequency: GSM  900/1800/1900
Source of power: 400mAh 
Current consumption: 0.01mAh
Standby Time: 90-100 days
Сим-карта: 2G
Wireless encoding standards: FSK
Two way communication: +
Case Material: ABS 
The size: 37*60*15 mm



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