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Wireless Outdoor Siren INTERVISION SUN SIREN

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A unique wireless siren with a selector unit, powered by solar panels, a built-in emitter of acoustic power of 130 decibels, a flashing strobe light and a protective switch, for use as part of wireless signaling devices with infrared passive detectors of the standard 868 MHz and signaling devices of the EXPRESS GSM ULTRA type, which can be located on a distance of up to 70 meters (in the most favorable conditions) from the main working unit; The siren also acts as a visual deterrent.
It is possible to use the device in two versions:
• As a siren powered by solar panels, when installing the device in places open to sunlight; In this case, the siren can be used with a built-in lithium battery, which is maintained in a charged state due to the operation of solar panels.
• As a battery-powered siren: when used in closed places with minimal sunlight, the siren can be powered by standard AA batteries, but more frequent battery replacement will be required (every 9-12 months under normal use).
The external siren is completely protected from the effects of weather factors and is equipped with a stroboscope, which provides quick alternation of light flashes in case of operation.
The siren is also designed to operate with a delay of 15 seconds after the siren has triggered a device with infrared passive detectors or devices of the EXPRESS GSM ULTRA type; this unique feature provides double shocking to an unlawfully invading person.
The device is a great addition to our wireless GSM signaling devices with infrared passive detectors of the standard 868 MHz and signaling devices of the EXPRESS GSM ULTRA type; Also, the device is often used in conjunction with our internal wireless siren.
We strongly recommend that, in addition to the above alarm systems, at least an additional siren of another type, and, ideally, sirens of both additional types, be used.

Typical uses are listed below:
• In hangars and summer offices (with the device located in hard-to-reach places, either in the next room, or in the courtyard of the house).
• In garages (same as for hangars).
• In residential caravans (with the device located in a hard-to-reach place inside the caravan, or in one of the external lockers locked with a key).
• In stationary caravans, park houses and log cabins (with the device located in a hard-to-reach place).
• On vessels for canals (with the device located outside in a clearly visible place).
• Built-in siren: acoustic power 130 decibels.
• Duration of operation of the siren: 3 minutes.
• Built-in strobe: provides fast alternating light flashes (when triggered)
• Device power: 1 built-in lithium battery (supplied).
• Optional batteries: 4 AA alkaline batteries (for low-light locations).
• Alkaline battery life: 9-12 months when used in low light conditions (during normal operation).
• Weatherproof: Present (IP-65).
• Safety (control) switch: Present.
• Wireless range: 70 meters (within sight).
• Unit dimensions: 110 (W) x 170 (H) x 28 (D) mm.
• Warranty: 1 year.