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An internal wireless siren with an acoustic power of 130 decibels powered by batteries, for use as part of wireless alarm systems of the standard 868 MHz and EXPRESS GSM ULTRA, designed for installation in hangars and garages.
This low-cost indoor siren is characterized by a range of 70 meters while ensuring communication with alarm systems of 868 MHz and EXPRESS GSM ULTRA standards (within sight), which allows it to be installed in completely different buildings or to safely hide it from prying eyes within the same buildings as a detection device.
We strongly recommend that you use either an ordinary siren or a siren powered by solar panels (or both types of devices) in each system, which will make it difficult for attackers to, because now it will not be enough for them to disable a single signaling device.
This unique siren is designed to operate after 15 seconds from the moment the detector siren is triggered, which creates additional problems for an illegally intruder; the siren sounds for 60 seconds, but even after that it remains in a fully activated state (ready to operate at any time).

This siren can work as part of the following equipment:
• Devices like EXPRESS GSM ULTRA.
• Standard wireless signaling devices with infrared passive detectors (PIR) of the standard 868 MHz.
• Indoor sirens.
• External sirens powered by solar panels.
• Door contacts and keyhole alarms.
• Combinations of all of the above equipment.


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