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ULTRA GHOST LOCK is an autonomous, radio-controlled invisible lock that can be installed on any doors or safes secretly. The lock is controlled by the remote control. The absence of a keyhole outside the door makes it impossible to open the lock with master keys and deliberately clogging the key hole with matches or glue (a unique anti-tamper function). The main field of application is installation in metal, wooden doors of apartments, cottages, offices. The lock can also be installed on the door of cabinets, safes, industrial and household refrigerators. The lock can be installed anywhere in the door and even where it is inconvenient to use a conventional lock. The lock is also equipped with an open sensor to automatically lock the doors. Several options for locking doors are available: automatic - using the opening sensor and manual - when you press the key fob button. Using the ULTRA GHOST LOCK lock, you can securely lock any door within 10 seconds. Question about low battery: The lock can work on one set of batteries for about 1 year. The electronics of the lock controls the state of charge and in case of critical exhaustion by more than 90%, an audible warning is activated. If the batteries are not replaced in the near future, the lock will automatically open.

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Working frequency: 868 Mhz FSK
Source of power: 4 AA batteries (not included)
Equipment: Lock, 2 remote controls, eye
Working hours: 365 days
Range of work: limited to 30 meters
Remote Control: 3 pieces per set (expandable to 20)
Low Battery Alert: +
Opening sensor: integrated into the lock housing
Work mode: automatic / semi-automatic


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