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INTERVISION — more than just surveillance

INTERVISION is a Ukrainian manufacturer of modern hardware for video surveillance systems, as well as software and hardware systems for video analytics. This is a competitive and rapidly developing field where there is a constant struggle for customers and their trust, but the domestic brand manages not only to keep the brand at a high level, but also to introduce innovative developments in its products.

A few words about the main thing

INTERVISION is the first Ukrainian brand that produces video surveillance systems directly in Ukraine. At our own production capacities, the products go through a complete manufacturing cycle, starting with engineering, ending with the assembly and testing of finished equipment.

The manufacturing process begins with the assembly and adjustment of the electron-optical module, after which this block is placed inside a sealed enclosure. All products pass 3 stages of verification, where the quality of components, assembly and functionality of CCTV cameras are evaluated. Thanks to this quality control department, engineers are able to remove all the flaws and shortcomings, creating the perfect product for consumers with different needs.

In addition to the Ukrainian market, INTERVISION surveillance cameras are manufactured for export, so the manufacturer takes into account the operational features of different regions, for example, low or high temperature (to -50оC), high humidity and precipitation, wind and various dynamic loads in the production environment.

Each INTERVISION camera consists of more than 100 individual parts, so the accessories are supplied only to those brands whose quality is beyond doubt. The finished product is a compact and lightweight camera in a durable, frost-resistant housing, low power consumption and easy installation, for the operation of which neither special skills nor trained personnel are needed.

5 steps to excellence

INTERVISION pays special attention to quality control of its products. Each surveillance camera undergoes 5 mandatory verification steps:

  1. Checking the quality of components. Despite the fact that in the production of INTERVISION video cameras, components from trusted manufacturers are used, all important parts undergo an additional check for defects and defects. So matrices are checked for dead pixels, and elements such as capacitors, voltage stabilizers and quartz resonators pass selective QCD. Thus, the manufacturer can guarantee 100% performance of their products.
  2. Testing video modules. This stage of verification is carried out before the assembly of the main components of the camera and is carried out in order to test the parts for performance in extreme conditions (low and high +50оC temperature, high voltage and current strength). Testing allows you to identify unreliable parts, eliminate defects in the joint and fix the SMD-installation before the device case is closed.
  3. Tightness. Since INTERVISION cameras are most often used for outdoor video surveillance, the device case is checked for leaks. Thus, 100% tightness is achieved and reliable protection of internal parts from any adverse conditions is ensured.
  4. Moisture in the housing. All video cameras that are produced for street surveillance are assembled in specially drained rooms to avoid even the slightest moisture getting inside the case. Otherwise, the optical elements inside the case will fog up and freeze. After assembly, the camera is tested for residual moisture and only after that go to the next stage of production.
  5. Strict QC. The department of technical control employs experienced design engineers who check the finished product for compliance with the declared characteristics. All operating parameters and functions of CCTV cameras are checked, so the consumer receives a fully functional device.

These are the main stages of technical control in the production of INTERVISION surveillance cameras, but not the only ones. The company has developed dozens of testing and verification methods, thanks to which the final product meets all the technological requirements and requirements of even the most meticulous consumers.

Production of surveillance cameras

INTERVISION — №1 on the Ukrainian market

The company INTERVISION is the only domestic manufacturer that was able to keep the quality and cost of products in the middle ground, giving the consumer everything necessary for today to create effective security systems.


INTERVISION has its own development center, which allows the manufacturer to regularly update products, introducing advanced wireless technologies and intelligent optical devices. Video surveillance from INTERVISION is positioned as a professional and multi-functional equipment suitable for the protection of corporate and private facilities. 

Verified Suppliers

Wired and wireless cameras equipped with parts from trusted manufacturers: Clarkdale, NextChip, SmartSens, Aptina, Hitachi and Sony. The quality of the purchased products is not in doubt, because INTERVISION gives a guarantee on its cameras.

Competitive price

Having similar specifications, cost of cctv cameras INTERVISION 25-50% cheaper than foreign brands. This allows the middle-income population to create effective and modern video surveillance systems at their facilities.

Own service center

In Ukraine work branded service center of surveillance cameras INTERVISION, where you can go with any problems and problems. All the nuances of malfunctions (vandalism, bad weather, technical malfunction or decrease in operating parameters) are processed in the technological center to create improved samples.

Our challenge

We strive to adequately represent our products in the Ukrainian and foreign markets, offering professional service and quality service to our customers. On the pages of our online store you can find video surveillance systems for your budget and needs, which the company managers are always ready to help.

We regularly update the range of cameras and follow new trends in the market of security systems and video surveillance so that our client gets access only to the best and most tested modifications. Our representative offices are in almost every region, and we also provide fast delivery services throughout Ukraine through popular mail services.

Our goal is the security of your material goods. To create such conditions, we offer proven domestic technologies - INTERVISION surveillance cameras. Call and our managers will help to assemble a reliable surveillance system to your needs.