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Many common types of analytics are built into the AiStation NVRs: line crossing; perimeter control; counting visitors with the ability to download statistics; human detection;

How video analytics software works
Video analytics software for CCTV cameras is available in several forms: installed on a camera, on an NVR (in this case, AiStation), or as third-party software that you purchase. However, each version will do the same thing - track your videos to look for and alert you to action. Each video analytics solution will perform differently depending on the manufacturer and application. However, they all work in the same basic way - when you set up the software, you set options for the activity the software is looking for, set up an alert notification system, and when the software finds something that matches its search criteria, it alerts you ... For example, many companies use surveillance systems to detect movement in their stores outside of business hours. You can set up your system to detect motion during the hours when your company is closed, so if it detects movement, it will send you an email - a quick response that can help you respond quickly to a break-in or accident.

How video analytics can help you
The old idea of ​​a CCTV system is that a security guard sits in a booth and watches live feed from a CCTV camera in the hope of catching suspicious activity. However, this model assumes that a live person is watching and watching all of your video, which is impractical and ineffective. Different security guards may have different levels of attention or different perceptions of suspicious activity. Video management software modifies this system by using software to monitor your video stream 24/7, alerting you to activity, so you only need to watch the cameras when something happens. This will help you make the best use of your surveillance system, saving you time and effort.

Video analytics can be used to:

Motion Detection

Face recognition and license plate reading

People Counting and Latency Monitoring for Retail Stores

Recognizing long queues at the checkout and sending alerts