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Wireless motion sensor INTERVISION PIR-360 with built-in siren 90 dB.

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Wireless motion sensors PIR-360 with built-in siren for indoor installation, powered by batteries; Designed for use as part of full-featured 868 MHz and EXPRESS GSM ULTRA wireless signaling devices.
The motion sensor is mounted on a wall or ceiling. A device with an infrared passive detector is characterized by a diameter of 12 meters; The viewing angle of the device is 360 degrees. Siren 90 dB.
The device is ideal for use in most circumstances; The most common installation locations are listed below:
• Hangars and summer offices (with the device located in hard-to-reach places, either in the next room, or in the courtyard of the house).
• Garages (the same as for hangars).
• Residential caravans (with the device located in a hard-to-reach place inside the caravan, or in one of the external lockers locked with a key).
• Stationary caravans, park houses and log cabins (with the device located in a hard-to-reach place).
• Boats (with the device in an inaccessible place).

These motion sensors can work as part of the following equipment:
• Devices like EXPRESS GSM ULTRA.
• Standard wireless signaling devices with infrared passive detectors (PIR) of the standard 868 MHz.
• Indoor sirens.
• External sirens powered by solar panels.
• Door contacts and keyhole alarms.
• Combinations of all of the above equipment.
• Power source: 2 AAA batteries (not included).
• Dimensions: 52x32x12 mm.
• Wireless range: 70 meters (within sight).
• Installation method: using double-sided adhesive tape (not supplied).


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