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PV-Link PV-807UHD is a passive transceiver with a two-pin connector, designed for coordinated connection of the UTP cable laid from the DVR to the BNC connector of the camera, in order to amplify and transmit HD video signal, the maximum resolution of the signal transmission reaches 8MP at a distance of 200 meters (more in the table ) The transceiver improves the noise immunity of the signal. Thanks to the wide bandwidth, the full-fledged video signal is provided. All types of the most popular video surveillance standards UHD | XVI | 3G-SDI | HD-TVI | HD CVI | AHD. Built-in lightning protection systems will prevent equipment failure. On the cable side, the connector has clamping contacts, and on the side of the BNC video camera, the connector is Male (male). Connector materials: plastic, stainless steel. A convenient connection method will be especially relevant in hard-to-reach places, will provide reliable fastening and save you time. Includes 1 receiver / transmitter. It is possible to interconnect transmitters in 1 unit, mounts on the body.

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